Technical - Electronic & Shop

• Circuit troubleshooting, repair of power supplies, intelligent light fixtures, and video camera systems.
• Operation of oscilloscopes, digital volt meters, and logic analyzers.
• Ability to read and interpret schematic diagrams and service manuals.
• Excellent soldering and de-soldering skills including surface mount components.
• C programming for embedded control systems.
• Shop expertise includes drilling, tapping, milling, punching, bending metal, and welding.
• Rigging and operation of personnel lifts and fork lifts.
• Design using Cadence ORCAD and Autodesk Autocad software

Computers & Networking

• Build PC workstations, servers, RAID systems.
• TCP/IP networking of Windows and Mac OS systems.


• C programming for embedded control systems.
• Certified Crestron Programmer. Also programs RTI, Xantech and AMX control systems.





1993 - Worked with software programmer at Stone Mountain Lasers to design an ISA PC card to generate laser animated images.

1996 - Designed and constructed high performance scanner amplifiers to drive scanners that
draw laser images with increased the speed and precision.

2002 - Designed a custom modification to improve camera sound: Internally modified over 100 Sony 3-chip VX2000 and PD-150 cameras to accept line-level signals from a mixer for professional level microphone input. Design was featured and reviewed by Jay Rose in DV magazine, resulting in worldwide business.

2004 - Machined and sold custom aluminum mounts to attach the MixPre portable mixer to the modified camera.







Production - Video & Audio

• Cinematography, including mastery of depth of field, lens selection, setting exposure using light meters and IRE measurements.
• DVD production, closed captions, moving menus, sub-titles, and Dolby Digital 5.1.
• Operation of film projection equipment.
• Video formats: D1, D9, DV, DVCAM, DVCPRO, and XDCAM EX.
• Soundtrack and music editing, sync sound from slate or lip movement.
• Expertise in live operation of professional mixers, delay units, EQ, DAT decks, digital and analog multitrack decks such as DA-88, amps, and loudspeaker processor systems.
• Developed and built a film scanning system that performs frame by frame
digital capture of 8mm and 16mm film using a microscope imaging lens and industrial 3-chip camera.
• Wrote windows software application to capture raw format frames to disk
















Adobe - Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects
Roland - Cakewalk
Avid - Pro Tools